Print Design

Pizzeria Sisily 300 300 Donata

Pizzeria Sisily



Pasteio – Artisan Pasta & Dolcetti 300 300 Donata
Pasteio - Artisan Pasta & Dolcetti

Pasteio – Artisan Pasta & Dolcetti

Pasteio - Gift Card

Pasteio Carbonpecil Design Postcard Pasteio Carbonpencil Design Wallpaper Pasteio Menu board

Pause Samford Restaurant 300 300 Donata
Pause-Restaurant Logo

Pause Samford Restaurant




Sugar Jar Cafe 300 300 Donata
Sugar Jar Cafe Logo

Sugar Jar Cafe


Logo design, shop concept design, promo print material.



Ugly Food & Co 300 300 Donata

Ugly Food & Co


Sarah Gan is a Brisbane based entrepreneur. She has created her on brand based on her love of food.

I was asked by Sarah to redesign her jar labels and create brand new ones, together we created the Heritage range and the curry labels.

UglyFood&Co Label Design Carbonpencil Ugly Food & Co label design Carbonpencil

Scrumptious Reads Bookshop 300 300 Donata
Scrumptious Reads design by CarbonPencil

Scrumptious Reads Bookshop


Working with Julie is always an adventure. My last project was to create and realise a signage for the shop front.

I did it in plywood, a jigsaw, some black paint and the savvy usage of a nice serif font.


The shop front: