50% Human . 50% Machine

100% Creative

My experience

Working as a marketer and designer for the past 14 years has taught me that no matter what you work on, each project is different and unique in its own way. The clients, the audience and the design combine to create a relationship between the user and the brand. As a marketer, I love to discover the best way to boost your business. As a designer, I enjoy influencing that relationship with my strong design skills, aesthetic clarity and understanding of marketing principles.

Designing for international companies helped me see the impact good design has on global communication. I learned to balance my creative vision with the limitations of designing for multiple languages, for which there is no one size fits all solution.

From concept design to creating campaigns, my role within the companies I collaborate with encompasses many areas including corporate branding, web design and development, interior design, print design and other design projects as required. I have worked for several companies, as well as freelanced for smaller companies. Each experience has helped me grow both professionally and as a person.


My skillset

I am an architect but… I have evolved!
I have a bachelor and master in architecture. I have practiced for 5 years, then I felt the architectural field wasn’t my perfect fit so I have started to focus more on design, both digital and graphic.
To best accomplish the needs of my clients, I realised that I was firstly talking more about marketing rather than design. For this reason I integrated my skillset with a Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Digital Communication, to best cover all the aspect of a project.

I believe my point of strength is that I am able to create your marketing, brand strategy and design from A to Z, cover your digital presence, elaborate your graphic needs and even work with you on the concept deign for your physical shop!


Education: bachelor and master in Design and Architecture (University of Florence, Italy) and Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Communication at Monash University.